“Zatima” Press Release Should’ve Announced Season 2 Renewal By Now

Zatima Season 2

BET’s “Zatima” Season 2 is filmed and ready to go and the cast and crew are currently teasing that the show will hit BET+ really soon!

The only weird thing about this is the lack of promotion for the show.

Season 2 was filmed a long time ago and there’s still not one article from BET letting fans know that the show was renewed for a 2nd season.

Tyler Perry does this with a lot of his shows, he usually doesn’t announce the renewal until he announced the premiere date which we think could be a little tricky for promotion purposes. If you go so long after the first season not letting fans know that the show will return, they’re going to assume that the show is canceled if they’re not die hard fans who keeps up with the fandom.

What sparked this article was a post from the publication ET.

ET shared:

ET’s recently tracked the status of all the primetime programming. They’ve put together a continuously updated roundup of the major original scripted series available on the biggest streaming platforms including Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Prime Video and a few select others.

Under BET, the publication has “Zatima” as TBD meaning they’re not even sharing that the show was renewed for a Season 2 yet because BET didn’t release an official statement.

“Zatima” is one of the most popular shows on BET+ going #1 on BET+ and Amazon Prime with it’s first season. We need everyone involved to promote the show a little better! We want the show to be so big that the Emmy’s can’t ignore it.

“Zatima” Season 2 is coming with 20 episodes which is up from last season 10 episodes and we cannot wait!


“BET+ ORIGINAL. In this spinoff of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, Zac and Fatima take a huge step to strengthen their bond, but new friends and past actions interfere with their blossoming relationship.”

· Cameron Fuller as Nathan
· Crystal Renee Hayslett as Fatima
· Danielle LaRoach as Belinda
· Devale Ellis as Zac
· Guyviaud Joseph as Tony
· Jasmin Brown as Deja
· Nzinga Imani as Angela
· Remington Hoffman as Bryce

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