“The Challenge” Star CT Divorce Is Getting Messier Than We Thought It Would

Ct lili the challenge

MTV’s “The Challenge” Star CT is currently involved in a messy divorce!

Earlier last month, TMZ broke the news that

The Challenge star, 42, filed for divorce in Miami-Dade County, Florida, calling his marriage “irretrievably broken” according to court records obtained by PEOPLE.

Lili and CT split comes four years after Tamburello and Solares tied the knot.

The pair are parents to 7-year-old son Christopher “C.J.” Tamburello.

According to TheRealityRoundUp;

CT requested that parental responsibility for their son CJ continued to be shared, and that both he and Lili receive equal time with their son.

Lili asked that CJ reside primarily with her; however, she agreed that a parental time-sharing plan should be created so that CT could see his son.

She also requested that she be able to “have the ultimate say over most and/or all decisions over the minor child.”

It also gets crazier than that, Lili asked the judge to give her the “exclusive use” of their shared Florida home, as well as their 2022 Mercedes truck. She requests that she continue to be the beneficiary on CT’s life insurance policy— despite their divorce— so that CT could continue to pay the support to Lili even if he dies. She also wants spousal support…in the form of five different types of alimony.

She also needs “Rehabilitative Alimony,” which would pay for her to get education, training, etc. to improve her ability to get a job and an income. She wants “Bridge the Gap Alimony” to help her “transition from married life to single life.” Lili also requested “Durational Alimony”, which will go for the amount of time they were married, which is about four years. Lili wants “Temporary Alimony”, which would provide her with an income during the divorce proceedings, as well as “Lump Sum” alimony, where she would just get a set amount of cash from CT.

Lili also requested that she be given her share of a company CT has interest in. Believe it or not, she asked for more than this.

We feel so bad for CT! This is going to be one messy divorce and the outcome doesn’t look like it’s going to be good at all.

Lili wants her son to stay out of it so he wouldn’t be under stress but she’s not reading the room at all because based on this documents, this is going to be very messy and will in fact reach their son if not now, in the long run.

Read more here: https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2022/12/07/ct-tamburellos-wife-lilli-solvers-responds-to-his-divorce-filing-demands-the-challenge-star-pay-her-5-types-of-alimony-give-her-their-home-exclusive-details/

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