Peacock’s “Bel Air” Fan Share Predictions For Season 2

Bel air season 2

Peacock’s “Bel Air” Season 2 is getting ready to debut in early 2023 and we’re so excited to see what’s in store for the upcoming season!!

According to Peacock, season two picks up with Will at “a crossroads in his life as a new figure comes into his life who challenges what he’s learned in Bel-Air and competes for control of his influence.” We will see him try to balance this while navigating life at home and attempting to rebuild trust with the Banks family. 

We’ll also see Will and Carlton grow closer, though they’ll still come across challenges along the way. Meanwhile, Hilary will continue to grow as an influencer and viewers will see how that “spills over into her relationship with Jazz.” 

As for Vivian and Phil, they’ll continue to navigate the relatable struggles of marriage and family while trying to “forge their own career paths and reconnect to the things that are important to them.”

A fan on Reddit shared their predictions for the new season:

“I watched all 10 episodes of season 1 months ago. After it showed Will and Jazz staring at the LA skyline, I was wondering what would happen in season 2. I also have a question about the end of episode 10: where is Will going to go? He can’t go back to Philly because he is still mad at his mom for lying to him, and Trey is still heated at him for staying in Bel Air.

I also have predictions about season 2: 

Ashley will come out to her parents 

Hilary and Jazz’s relationship will get exposed 

Geoffrey will be back 

Phil will become a judge like in the original show 

Something dark between Vy and Viv will be revealed 

The truth about Will’s dad will be revealed. 

Lisa breaks whatever news to Will 

And these are my biggest predictions: 

Will returns to Philly for a weekend 

Will confronts his mom for lying to him 

Will finds out that Darnell threw the basketball at Rashaad 

Darnell becomes the new drug lord following the death of Rashaad 

Trey, still upset about Will choosing Bel Air over Philly, ends up working for Darnell, after Darnell manipulated him 

Trey gets shot again but this time he dies” – Loose_Leg_8440

Season 2 of Bel-Air premieres Feb. 23 on Peacock.

“Bel Air,” a dramatic reboot of the beloved sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” based on a viral video by Morgan Cooper, was originally picked up for two seasons when Peacock ordered it to series in September 2020. The series stars Jabari Banks as Will, a kid from West Philadelphia who moves in with his auntie and uncle in the posh Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel-Air. The cast also includes Adrian Holmes, Cassandra Freeman, Olly Sholotan, Coco Jones, Akira Akbar, Jimmy Akingbola, Jordan L. Jones, and Simone Joy Jones.

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