BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Crystal Renee Hayslett Is Building An Empire

Crystal Renee Hayslett Sistas

BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Crystal Renee Hayslett is one of the ones to watch when it comes to the acting world but we will also say she’s one of the ones to watch when it comes to business in general!

Crystal is all about her business with plenty of projects under her belt and more to come.

Her focus isn’t just acting as she’s attached to many other things that help the people and also elevates her brand and we think this mindset will continue to elevate her as a star.

In a recent interview with AfroTech, Crystal shared that she’s an investor in companies like StatusPro & Gold Standard Farms.

StatusPro is a virtual reality game that’s bringing safety to sports by enabling virtual practices for athletes and stars like Drake & Lebron are also investors.

Crystal shared:

““Immediately, I was drawn to it ’cause I’m a big sports girl. Fast forward to a year later, when I tell you, he called me. He said, ‘Hey, we opened up our cap. You can invest if you want to.’ And I said I want in,”

For Golden Standard Farms, A childhood friend reached out and told Crystal about this land that was there and the chance to grow cannabis on it. Interested in the idea, Hayslett jumped at the opportunity. Now, the Black-owned cannabis farm is working to build a facility and work with the local university, the University of Tennessee – Martin, to create a program and jobs to employ and educate young people interested in the industry.

The actress also has her hands in real estate owning 2.3 million worth of property.

Crystal shared:

“Real estate is where it is. I feel like a lot of people; when they make it, the money is burning a hole in their pockets. I want to [be] very strategic and intentional about what I put my money behind so that I build a legacy for my future family, for my family that I have right now,”

Crystal is so smart and we just know she’s going to be even more successful in the future.

We remember reading an interview with Devale Ellis and he spoke so highly about how Crystal is about her business and now thanks to Afro Tech, we see exactly why he said what he said!

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