ABC’s “Station 19” Fans Reacts To Maya Scene Shared On Twitter

Station 19 Maya season 6

ABC’s “Station 19” fans are still in shock after the mid season finale of Season 6 and can you blame them? We all just want good things to happen to our favorite characters!!

The mid season finale was a big episode for Maya, so big that the fans are still talking about it on Twitter.

“Station 19” Twitter account shared a video that triggered more conversation:

Here’s some of our favorites reactions from the fans:

“just make andy captain already and stop trying to make maya be the bad guy, we don’t like her and this attempt to make her look nice doesn’t work” – mwrinart

“Maya need to unlearn that she doesn’t have to do things alone. When she’s mad she pushes everyone anyway and she doesn’t see anything but read and to keep pushing through the pain. Maya needs to unlearn that asap. Because even her wife is tired of it and took that test without Her to possibly make Maya feel something and it truly didn’t in the moment. Maya has been so focused on herself she’s missing out on everything else around here. She’s has a messed up foot and she still doesn’t want to get it looked at in fear of her job.” – TheKyannaAlex

“It’s true that Maya is pushing everyone away now, but what has everyone been doing up until now? I believe that if they had demoted Andy, they would have fought for her. Which is not Maya’s case at all. It’s too late now. Way too late. Only fans and her wife have HER back,sorry.” – P_Veronica_P

“How is she not alone?Explain to me how she’s been suffering alone while her team laugh behind her back saying it’s fine bc she’s ruthless or ignoring that she needs help n only focus on Jack?Has anyone even noticed she’s hurting herself? They don’t even notice when she’s missing” – RedLikeFire

“Lives of last Thursday just made me realise tht how tired Danielle, barrett & Stefania were wid their roles. Maya in race 4 captain, Vic nt being in any race or goal, carina not given any storyline except baby & they all wanted more. & D just wanted maya 2 fight fires nd be happy” – shawbishop5

“its almost like it was unrcessarily cruel to write vic and the others to be gossiping about her and calling her a nasty blackmailer a couple episodes ago if this is where it was all headed. give maya her family. carina first, 19 second.” – bishopsawyer

“Let’s just hope you do her character some justice!! ENOUGH!!!. And yes Maya’s loyal fans have never stopped having her back!! It’s ur supposedly “19 family” that left her alone!! If we had a say in this she will be thriving cuz she’s a badass!!!” – BarbaraMiguel20

We love how passionate the Maya fans are! What are your thoughts?

Season 6 returns in February 2023.

Station 19 stars Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Jay Hayden, Danielle Savre, Boris Kodjoe, Stefania Spampinato, Carlos Miranda, Josh Randall, Merle Dandridge, and Pat Healy. The story revolves around the heroic firefighters at Seattle Fire Station 19. From the captain to the newest recruit, they risk their lives and hearts both in the line of duty and off the clock. The brave men and women are like family and together, they put their own lives in jeopardy as first responders to save the lives of others. Characters include Andy Herrera (Ortiz), Dr. Ben Warren (George), Jack Gibson (Damon), Vic Hughes (Doss), Travis Montgomery (Hayden), Maya DeLuca-Bishop (Savre), Robert Sullivan (Kodjoe), Dr. Carina DeLuca-Bishop (Spampinato), Theo Ruiz (Miranda), Michael Dixon (Healy), Sean Beckett (Randall), and Natasha Ross (Dandridge).

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