Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Season 3 Star Cole Speaks On Zanab Eating Disorder

Love is blind season 3 zanab cole

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Season 3 is undoubtedly one of the messiest and craziest seasons and that honestly makes for great TV!

One of the standout couples this season is Cole and Zanab. If you watched the season, we hope that you seen red flags with these two from the moment that the two met.

The wedding ceremony didn’t end well and the reunion was even more tragic. It was announced that Zanab had an eating disorder during filming.

Cole spoke with EW to speak about this.

EW asked:

During the reunion, Zanab revealed she developed an eating disorder throughout filming. Did you know about that before the reunion?

No, that’s the very first time I’d ever heard about her eating disorder. I had no clue, not during our relationship, not since I had seen her even after the show. She hadn’t mentioned that to me. I mean, I hadn’t heard of anything that anyone said at the reunion, like the stories and the things that I was being accused of, even though I had spent time and gone out to restaurants and bars [with some cast members] within a month or two prior to reunion.

It’s just really difficult to work with people who will only say things to your face whenever there’s cameras around, and whenever there’s not cameras around and y’all are together no one’s saying things to my face. I flew on a plane with Brennon from Dallas to LA to film the reunion, and we talked. He never said anything. Then we sit down at the reunion and he tells me that he disrespects me. I don’t even know how to deal with this if no one is willing to actually speak to me about anything, but everything’s behind my back, or it will be in my face but only when there’s cameras around. [Those are] pretty difficult relationships to have.

It doesn’t help that I’m being told one thing by people when there’s not cameras around, and then I’m hearing about the way that people feel about me through other people instead of directly from them. It’s very difficult. If someone has something to say to me, I wish they would just say it to my face. They did say it to my face at the reunion, but we had a lot of interactions before then and no one just wanted to say it to me. It’s fine if that’s how they want to live — I just don’t think it’s a great way to live, but okay, sure.

What was your reaction when Zanab said that she had stopped eating because of how she felt she was treated during the relationship?

I hate that. I absolutely hate that. I would never want that for anyone. I can’t believe that. If that really did come from our relationship, I am to the core of myself sorry that that ever happened. I wish that I could in any way help her, but I had no idea, and I still have no idea what that’s like for her because we’re not really on talking terms.

Full interview is here:

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