Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Star Kit Connor Earns Support From Netflix

Kit connor heartstopper

Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Star Kit Connor is receiving tons of support after being forced to come out as bisexual!!

The official Twitter account is showcasing their support for the actor by including him in their Twitter bio!

View below:

This is hands down one of the nicest things we’ve seen a streaming company do. Kit deserves all the support in the world because the fact that he felt pressured to announce his sexuality is sad.

Kit is currently filming Season 2 of Heartstopper.

Based on the graphic novels of the same name by series creator Alice Oseman, Heartstopper follows high school sweetie Charlie (Joe Locke), who develops a crush on jock classmate Nick (Kit Connor). The series always chooses heart-stopping romance over trauma, a welcome tone for teen coming-out stories.

Cast Members:

Charlie (Joe Locke): Heartstopper’s big-hearted protagonist and a quiet year 10 student at Truham Grammar School for Boys. He’s one of the few openly gay boys at school.

Nick (Kit Connor): Charlie’s seatmate in his form class (think: homeroom) and a popular year 11 rugby star.

Tao (William Gao): One of Charlie’s two best friends at Truham. He deeply resents Truham’s bullies and just wants to watch cinema.

Isaac (Tobie Donovan): Affable and always with his nose in a book, Isaac is Charlie’s other best friend at school.

Elle (Yasmin Finney): A former Truham student who has recently transferred to Higgs Girls School. Charlie and his friends desperately miss seeing artistic, lovable Elle every day — but are happy she’s living her best life.

Tara (Corinna Brown): One of Elle’s new friends at Higgs, who previously kissed Nick as a tween. These days, she’s far more interested in Darcy.

Darcy (Kizzy Edgell): Elle’s second new friend at Higgs, who has been living as a proudly out queer girl for years.

Imogen (Rhea Norwood): A popular Higgs girl with quite an interest in Nick.

Ben (Sebastian Croft): A popular Truham boy who is hiding a secret relationship with Charlie.

Harry (Cormac Hyde-Corrin): Truham’s rich, loudmouthed local bully.

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