MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Da’Vonne Thinks Fessy Is Intimidated By Horacio

Horacio Fessy the challenge

The drama for Season 38 of “The Challenge” is getting spicy and the podcast for the show is getting even spicier!

“Big Brother” AFP Winner & The Challenge member/host DaVonne had a few thoughts about Big Brother alumni Fessy and his current game play on The Challenge 38.

She stated that she thinks he is intimidated by rookie Horacio who is very loved by the house, the public and won two eliminations back to back!

A fan shared on Twitter:

“Davonne said fessy is intimidated by Horacio because he’s winning stuff Horacio said he agreeed he’s used to being dominant and having all the attention and he doesn’t with him there 👀👀”

Fans responded in his defense:

“What has Horacio won besides one elimination and the one Laurel won for him? Did I miss the episodes where he won dailies?”

“Did horacio win a daily and i missed it, him winning an elimination that required so much help vs fessy dominating a daily, ah yea, not the same thing”

Many believe that Horacio is what Fessy thought he was when he stepped in The Challenge house. We could see a new competition forming between the two.

Who will see a Challenge win first? Our bets are on Horacio!

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