Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Season 12 Fan Ranks The Current Cast

Rhobh season 12

Now that Season 12 of Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” is over, fans are sharing their opinions on the current cast!

One particular fan gave a full ranking of each character and the thread went viral on Twitter causing tons of conversations.

Here’s what was shared by SuttonsRoller on Twitter.

9. Crystal is 100% ‘friend of’ who serves some great lines, but it stops there. She needs to get over the fact she’s a millennial and stop being so intimidated in a group.

8. Dorit brought intrigue, fashion and lunacy to the show, but barely. It was very evident at the reunion when her crowning achievement was dispensing spray tan.

7. Diana could have been a great housewife, but she didn’t put enough money into understanding what the public really wants. Whatever she gave is defo not it, and reeks of Rinna & Crystal.

6. Rinna is a parasite feeding on the rest of the cast, but the show needs a villain. I’m looking forward to next season when no one will want anything to do with her.

5. Kyle is defo on her way out, but it will take a few more seasons to unravel her completely. She kept the drama flowing this season which unfortunately exposed a lot of cracks in her unfulfilled life.

4. Erika is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle and bounced checks, but I low key enjoy her mess. She actually did a good job keeping the attention off her by gaslighting, deflecting and doing impressions of a hungry piranha.

3. Kathy is powerful and cunning enough to take on the entire FFF, and I’m living for it! She brought a lot of humor this season and gave us a much needed ally for Sutton, Garcelle & the fans. Of course, she also brings Richards sister-drama which is a staple for the series.

2. Sutton carried the first half of the season as the FFF descended on her like vultures. Instead of shutting down, she fought back, stayed true to herself, and won every time. She is just too cute!

1. Garcelle is easily the crowning diamond of this season and we don’t deserve her. The FFF treats her horribly (including Andy), but she still shows up with a smile. I admire her and hope Bravo gets with it so they don’t lose her.

You can view the full thread and the conversations it caused here if you’re on Twitter:

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