BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis Ranting About Zatima & Karen On Twitter

Bet sistas Zatima Devale Ellis

If you’re a Twitter user and follow the cast members of the Sistas universe, you know that there’s always debates going on about each episode and the characters. The debates are so deep that fanbases were formed but it’s all fun at the end of the day!

One thing we love about the cast of “Sistas” & “Zatima” is their want to interact with the fans and share their personal opinions on the characters.

Devale Ellis who plays Zac in both “Zatima” & “Sistas” has been on Twitter non stop since the “Zatima” finale sharing many tweets about Zac situation with Fatima and Karen.

Devale shared:

“Unpop opinion: Zac DOESNT hate Karen! He has no reason to. They werent good together as romantic partners BUT Karen (as flawed as she may be) took care of Zac for 3 years. Why does everyone want Zac to bash Karen and stop saying he has love for her? Let’s discuss.”

A fan shared:

“we don’t want you to bash her. we just want some respect to be shown when it comes to BIG Tima.” – tweetbykae

Devale responded:

“Big TIMA needs to stop bringing Karen up when she’s not around. Big TIMA said she was mature enough to handle this situation. Bringing Karen up consistently isn’t showing that maturity.”

Another fan shared:

“Difference is she said it she didn’t actually go feel him nor is he popping up calling zac all kinds of names being disrespectful. This bird app got people chirping following the crowd.” – philipinamommie

Devale responded:

“Serious question, Karen pops up on her own, Fatima INVITED HER EX TO DINNER but somehow Zac is the problem. You refuse to hold Karen accountable for her own actions or Fatima accountable for being messy.😂😂😂😂 Y’all the real life Andi, Danni & Sabrina. #BlameItOnZac”

Devale is very passionate about this topic and his wife Khadeen wanted him to get off the Internet and come to bed lol:

We love that he’s enjoying the show just as much as we are!

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