Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Fans Think Kathy Hilton Saved The Show

Kathy Hilton rhobh

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 12 Star Kathy Hilton is receiving all the love and credit for the latest season of RHOBH!!

Actress Uzo Aduba recently shared a tweet stating:

“Let’s be clear: Kathy Hilton single-handedly SAVED #RHOBH.

……and everybody knows it.”

Fans responded:

“She actually did. The season was slow, boring and a downer this season before she turned up. She brought in the humor and somehow brought the drama even though we didn’t see it 🤷🏻‍♀️” – kiwipop21

“Let’s be clear: Kathy H is a master manipulator a la her pal Trump. She was caught lying abt the text she sent to Rinna. She uses intimidation tactics to leverage power over her sister. The ratings were high before she was even in the picture. Her children mimic her gay slurs.” – shoutthetruth2

“She did to the “mean girls” in 15 mins what none of the cast could do all season. Garcelle Crystal and Sutton were living.” – knoxhedrick

“Absolutely! Let’s be honest, So many of viewers, myself included, only watched #RHOBH for @KathyHilton 💞@GarcelleB & @SuttonBStracke T’rest, are so boring, w’t’same old same old. So @nbc @BravoTV Bring us @DENISE_RICHARDS @KimRichards11 & A New Host! @Andy leave gracefully” – Cat0977

“Her antics brought a storyline to the season even though she tried her best to hide it so glad she was on this season we needed a bit of drama. And that line she repeats ‘and everybody knows it’ shows she acts oblivs but is gathering any bone going #rhobh” – bruoxe

Do you agree!?

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