ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8 Fans Are Loving Shanae

Shanae bachelor in paradise season 8

ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8 fans are loving one of the cast members that they didn’t think they would like when the season started off!!

Shanae Ankney was a contestant on the 26th season of The Bachelor.

Fans quickly started sharing their changed opinions:

“genevieve and shanae being besties this season is the plot twist i never expected” – bachnationt

“BachelorInParadise good of you Kate, to admit just how sadistic you are. Your enjoyment of what you did to Shanae, is giving me mean girl, that tells me that you probably planned this all along… Wow, can’t believe I’m sitting here on Shanae’s side defending her😬” – RonBF

“I also cannot believe this show has me defending Shanae #BachelorInParadise “ – amboojay

“We not gonna discredit Shanae this season she has been amazing and y’all kissing and poking at her FOH #BachelorInParadise “ – YourModernMocha

“Shanae is living proof that you can do a legit 180 and better yourself in every possible way, and people will still be salivating at the thought of you slipping #BachelorInParadise “

“I’m Team Shanae all the way. Kate just wanted revenge and screen time. #BachelorInParadise” – beunscriptedpod

Do you think Season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise is Shanae’s redemption arc?

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