MTV’s “The Challenge” 38 Star Nurys Defends Cara Against Vets

The challenge Nurys Cara

MTV’s “The Challenge” Season 38 Star Nurys might be a rookie to the show but she’s not rookie to what goes down in the reality TV world!!

She recently spoke about how during the season, the vets dissed legendary challenger Cara Maria and her boyfriend Paulie.

Watch below:

Paulie responded:

Fans shared:

“I loooobe Nurys. All she wants is a good show. Love a queen who wants to deliver for fans @NurysKMateo” – mostlikelypod

“Didn’t the same thing happen on Total Madness and Double Agents? I’m guessing the people that talked 💩 are Nany, Tori, Aneesa, Devin, Laurel and Bananas. why is everyone so sacred of competition.” – BradJon

“They really missed a good opportunity to bring them. Should of been Cara and Paulie instead of Darell and Veronica. Could of even put Cara with CT since they would always talk about their Boston roots” – shewolfeyes

“Cara Maria is too good. I truly think she would whoop any female with the exception of @laurelstucky. Those two are the most fierce I’ve ever seen, but partner competitions aren’t just about them.” – Suz_Q33

Cara Maria is such a Challenge legend. She hasn’t been on the show for seasons and the vets are still talking about her in the house.

She has to make a comeback eventually!

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