BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis Speaks About Parents Being Kids First Bully

Bet sistas Devale Ellis

BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis recently spoke about a very important topic on his Dead A** Podcast with his wife Khadeen!

The two spoke about how a lot of parents are their children first bully and we really agree and connect with this topic.

Devale took to Instagram to share:

“For over 10 years I was a mentor and trainer to over 500 young men and women in Brooklyn aspiring to be collegiate athletes. I’ve had difficult conversations with both parents and children about bullying. One thing I’ve noticed that many parents don’t, is that victims of bullying at school or sports teams often get bullied at home from the very people that are supposed to protect them… The Parents.

Words have power… And often times parents (both moms & dads) don’t realize how the constant negative affirmations, aggressive tones, and repetitive dismissal of a child’s feelings are the building blocks of creating a victim mentality WITHOUT having to include physical abuse. Most of the parents I met with didn’t even realize THEY were contributing to the bullying. What’s even worse is the denial by many parents after the fact, including the need to constantly blame someone else.

I want to challenge parents to challenge bullying by asking yourself this question first: “Am I bullying my child?” I’ll be the first to admit that as a young dad I had to learn that calling my son names and telling him not to be soft was not creating a healthy environment for growth and development. I had to realize when Jax was about 4 years old that continuing in that manner would have turned Jax into a victim by tearing him down OR worse… Turned him into THE BULLY!


Watch here:

This one is a must watch!

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