CBS’s “Blue Bloods” Star Steve Schirripa Role Wasn’t Suppose To Be As Big As It Is Now

Steve blue bloods season 13

CBS’s “Blue Bloods” is one of the biggest shows to air on the channel and the show is one of the reasons that CBS has been one of the top networks for years now!

The show is now 13 seasons in and Steve Schirripa is blessed to be apart of the cast even thought he entered during Season 6 and didn’t expect his character to be as big as he is now.

Steve spoke with Looper and shared his excitement about being featured at the Reagan family dinner table last season.

He shared:

“That was my first time. It was kind of a big deal to get to the table. Honestly, I never thought it would happen. How are they going to fit that in? I said, “Hey, maybe Anthony’s in the neighborhood. He’s going to bring some cannolis over.” Then when I found out that it was going to happen, I was very flattered.

I had only done one scene with Tom [Selleck] before. Of course, I know him, but it was only my second scene ever with him, and I’ve been on the show since 2015. I came in as a guest star to do one, maybe two episodes, and now I’ve done 113 or something. So I worked with Tom early on, and it was a lot of fun.

They’re used to [sitting at the dinner table], but I thought it was fun. You had all that Italian food. We didn’t eat in the scene, but in the back, they had duplicates of everything. The food came from the Bronx up at Little Italy on Arthur Avenue, where there’s all kinds of great Italian restaurants and delis. [We had] meatballs, braciole, soup and salad, provolone, and the whole platter. It was back in the kitchen, so in between takes, everyone got up and was eating that. I know I was.

I had a ball. I would love to go back. I don’t know if that’ll ever happen, but I liked it. Like I said, I was very flattered to be asked to the dinner table. Not many people besides the Reagans have made it there.”

We’re glad he ended up doing more episodes. Usually the characters that’s not intentionally written into a show does the best.

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Blue Bloods stars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou, Marisa Ramirez, and Vanessa Ray. Recurring players include Abigail Hawk, Gregory Jbara, Robert Clohessy, Steven Schirripa, Will Hochman, Rosyln Ruff, Ian Quinlan, Stacy Keach, Peter Hermann, and Stephanie Kurtzuba.

The show revolves around the Reagans, a multi-generational family of New York City cops that’s dedicated to law enforcement. Patriarch Frank Reagan (Selleck) is the New York Police Commissioner and runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family. His unapologetically bold father, Henry (Cariou), previously served a stint as Chief. A source of pride and concern for Frank is his eldest son, Danny (Wahlberg), a seasoned detective, family man, an Iraq War vet. Danny sometimes uses dubious tactics to solve cases with his partner, Detective Maria Baez (Ramirez). Frank’s daughter, Erin (Moynahan), is a New York Assistant District Attorney. Frank’s youngest is Jamie (Estes), a Harvard Law graduate and the family’s “golden boy.” He passed on a lucrative future in law and follows in the family footsteps as a cop. Eddie Janko (Ray) is Jamie’s wife and a fellow officer.

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