CBS’s “Blue Bloods” Star Abigail Hawk Done Filming “Jasper” On Off-Broadway

Blue bloods season 13

Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk is done showing her talents in Off-Broadway showing of “Jasper” and we’re beyond proud that she was able to sing and follow one of her dreams while also starring on one of the most popular TV shows on CBS!!

She shared on Instagram:

“One week ago, I took my final bow as Shayla. This journey with Jasper has thrown me low, flown me high, and changed me profoundly. My energy was often sustained by sheer force of will and way too much caffeine. Grant wrote a beautiful heartbreaking needling little play that sinks into your bones and keeps you thinking weeks later. I miss Shayla already: mother, advertising executive, divorcée, inherently and almost accidentally funny woman. Her nails were long; her fuse short; her need for adult company raw and awkward. She just needed someone to listen to her. Laugh with her. Love her in her humanness. I have never portrayed a character with her cadence: her own particular brand of fast-talking, stream of consciousness speaking and hiccuping rhythm of self-interrupting. Her fervent protective love of her son. Blatantly open-hearted but cross her at your peril. She’s been hurt. But she’s so eager and earnest. She exhausted me past my breaking point and yet I kept showing up. Because this story needed to be told and because you all showed up to hear it. And I am grateful. So grateful. I am still digesting and healing and reeling and I guess I just want to send a big ole thank you into the universe. It is a supreme privilege to be a working artist. Nice work if you can get it. Hot damn I’m lucky. #jasper

Congratulations Abigail!

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