CBS’s “Blue Bloods” Fans React To Season 13 Episode 2

Blue bloods season 13

The latest episode of “Blue Bloods” had the fans all intrigued as they took over Twitter even getting the show to trend on the United States trending list for the 2nd week in a row!

Blue Bloods Star Donnie took some time out of his day to live tweet with all of the fans and it was a good time!

Episode 2 was titled “First Blush”


Frank announces he will not endorse Erin’s run for district attorney; Danny and Baez investigate a bloody crime scene at a hotel; Jamie begins a new job as a field intelligence sergeant that requires him to keep secrets from his family.

See some of our favorites reactions from the latest episode:

“Watching the new episode of #BlueBloods! All sorts of family drama in this one! Love Danny’s sense of humor, too! @DonnieWahlberg Great show as always!” – lcstork

“Frank, Garrett, and Abby are now speaking up into his office while mentioning the 1988 presidential election from 34 years ago!! @BlueBloods_CBS #BlueBloods” – samgonzalez125

“Frank didn’t endorse Erin but he didn’t endorse her boss either. Maybe the current PD members of the family who work/have worked under him as the Commish will understand better.” – jlbspark

“This healthy separation is necessary for Jamie and Eddie. Great move by the Capt” – _crayolabrown_

“Definitely, Jamie is going to have to keep secrets from his family through his new job. Pops goes to confront Frank about not endorsing Erin for DA. Eddie is worried about Jamie’s job. Loving this episode so much. @BlueBloods_CBS #Jamko #BlueBloods 💙❤️👮‍♀️👮‍♂️😍”

“Garrett also doesn’t like Frank’s decision to not endorse Erin as DA. Loving it how Danny is discussing the statistics of Daylight Savings Day with Baez. Jamie is confiding in Henry about the new job and keeping stuff from Eddie.” – karinavergarap

“Maybe it’s best that Eddie & Jamie won’t be able to discuss work anymore at all. They’re married. They need to find out what else they actually have in common with each other. @BlueBloods_CBS #BlueBloods” – wynton_mohorn

“– spent the night with Dr. Knight-Knight?”
And THAT’S why he’s the king of puns, as well as the king of innuendo. #BlueBloods” – naturenohurry91

“I feel like Jamie is nervous about this new position, and I kind of feel it. I was nervous when I took a semester at the community college years ago because it was a different environment, but I stayed and enjoyed it. #BlueBloods” – TammyS85

“Jamie intelligence would be great for you, and find more interesting things to discuss when alone with your wife. It shouldn’t just be work, work all the time is no good. Intelligence is a great next step in your career #BlueBloods” – JJSea

“Danny’s self-satisfaction when he lulls someone into a false sense of security never gets old. #BlueBloods” – QAFBrianJustin

“I think Eddie may be setting up for a promotion #bluebloods” – sportsnthings1

Donnie is the best! Blue Bloods returns next Friday on October 21st.

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