Peacock’s “Bel Air” Star Jabari Banks On How He Met Will Smith

Jabari banks bel air

It’s 2022 and Hollywood is looking for their next biggest stars and Will Smith hit the jackpot when he found upcoming actor Jabari Banks!

Jabari Banks stars as the new Will on dramatic reboot of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air titled “Bel-Air”.

Banks has played the role so well during Season 1 that you can only think that this was really meant to be. It was always suppose to go to him, he’s a mini Will Smith.

Jabari spoke wire Glamour Magazine and spoke about how he actually met Will Smith:

“It was crazy. People don’t know this, but I got to the final audition, which was like a producer callback. I get done and my manager says, “You should hear something in three to four days.” I’m like, “Okay, cool, cool.” Three to four days go by, nothing. I’m thinking, Oh, I didn’t get the part. I was so close. The fifth day rolls by, and Morgan Cooper’s assistant texts me and says, “Hey, Morgan wants to do one more creative session.” So I have all my sides lined up, everything ready. I don’t know what they want to see, but I’m going to show them everything I’ve got.

And I get on this Zoom, and there’s Will Smith. At first I’m stuck. I’m like, Wait, is this a recorded video? Because his screen is so clear, [I didn’t think it was happening live]. And then he goes, “What’s up? What’s up?” I’m like, Oh, this is crazy. He says, “I want to congratulate you. You got the part of Will on Bel-Air.” It was surreal and out-of-body. That was the first time I met him—when he surprised me over Zoom.”

Wow imagine getting a zoom call from THEE WILL SMITH??? And imagine him telling you know you’re going to play the new generations Will Banks? We love to see it.

We hope Will Smith can somehow guest star on Season 2 which is filming now.

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