BET’s “Zatima” Bryce Falling In Love With Zac?

Bryce Zac Zatima

BET’s “Sistas” Spin-Off “Zatima” is getting crazier and crazier as the episodes drop on BET+ and we’re loving every bit of it!

The newest storyline to shock fans was the drunk flirting between characters and friends Zac and Bryce.

Zac felt comfortable enough around Bryce to just say anything and act however but you can tell that the energy was different for Bryce. Bryce has a thing for Zac even though it wasn’t announced yet that Bryce is bisexual.

Bryce’s body language during Episode 7 was a quick giveaway that he had some kind of feelings for Zac and being around Zac as he was getting ready to get in the show aroused him a bit.

Bryce later asked Zac was he bisexual hoping to get a “yes” out of Zac but his dreams were crushed when he told him that he wasn’t. Zac made a statement about taking Bryce’s brain and putting it into Fatima’s body and we can see why Bryce felt the way he felt.

It seems like Zac is implying that Bryce is mentally attractive but he’s not a woman so it would never work for him?

We don’t know where Tyler wants to take this storyline but it is an interesting one that caught the fans off guard, it caught us off guard as well. We don’t see Zac and Bryce actually doing anything but Bryce being around Zac with suppressed feelings will be hard to watch as the show goes on.

We hope Bryce can be honest with Angela and let her know that he actually has a thing for Zac. It would be nice to see him share more of himself with her and be completely honest about his feelings because those scenes in the recent episodes of “Zatima” showed that he was not only physically attracted to Zac but it looks like he’s emotionally attracted to Zac as well.

Don’t let Fatima find out, she has enough on her plate.

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