Bravo’s “Southern Charm” Season 8 Reunion Part 1 Beats Season Finale In Ratings

Southern charm season 8 reunion

Fans of “Southern Charm” Season 8 were tuned in this Thursday for Part 1 of the reunion confirming that fans are definitely tuning in to get their own closure on what happened during the season!

The reunion part 1 attracted more viewers than the Season 8 finale of Southern Charm.

The episode pulled in 786k views and a .22 demo.

This is up from the prior episode 748k views and .20 demo.

The show ranks Top 3 for Thursday night at #3.

The reunion consisted of tons of drama but Taylor and Shep drama stood out.

“That’s fine that you’re single, Shep. It’s the fact that we spent two and a half years together. You’ve allegedly slept with over 300 women. And we broke up and you told me that you were not capable of being in a committed relationship, you don’t want to be in a committed relationship, you need to figure your **** out, figure out what the next step in your life is. So you’re telling me A, B, C and all of your actions were X, Y, Z. So you went out, you partied, doing God knows what, hooking up with women in Texas. Do you even know her name? So now you’ve wrapped me into this slew of whores that you have ****ed, and now I’m just a number, and that is what ****ed me up in the head,” Taylor said.

Fans were happy that Taylor was standing up for herself:

Part 2 of the reunion airs October 13th.

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