BET’s “Zatima” Fans React To The Zac & Fatima Drama In Recent Episodes

Bet Zatima

“Zatima” is getting good but with the amazing episodes comes the Zac & Fatima drama which fans dreaded happening over on the spin-off series!

The recently episode left the “Zatima” community in shambles.

Episode 5 – The Element of Surprise


“Fatima’s past relationship finds a way to reemerge in her life, which leads to trust issues between the both of them.”

Episode 6 – Cutting Ties


“As a result of Fatima’s lack of openness regarding her past, Zac finds himself in a scandalous position.”

See the fans reactions below:

@tayyyy_janae shared:

“Here is my opinion on whether Zac or Fatima is in the wrong! Let’s talk about your opinions in the comments! We can agree to disagree RESPECTFULLY 🥰💛”

@_laurynjolie shared:

“Both of y’all are wrong!!!! She should have told Zac she was going to the coffee shop with Ian. Zac is wrong instead of acting off emotions and flipping out. They both need to talk to each other #ZatimaonBetPlus”

@jccarden shared:

“BOTH of them are in the wrong! Zac did what he did out of spite! He wasn’t wrong for going to the party with his boys (Fatima even said he should go), I think Zac messed up when he went back into Sodom & Gamora and got that dance from Deja.”

@yourfavtvjunky shared:

“I’m so Disappointed!!😏😒Out of all things Fatima have done to prove that she was all in and loved you and this how you moving! @iamdevale She made 1 mistake and you couldn’t extend the grace that she showed you! You really showed ur a** in both episodes! #Zatimaonbetplus”

@datgirlkaylad shared:

“ANOTHER THING… Zac really forgetting that Fatima is dealing w/ Heather, Karen, & even lost her BF cuz of him! He took his trifling behind back to the streets over her not coming right out w/ info when he’s done that fiftyleven times!”

Some of the fans are on Zac side.

@uniqua_monroe shared:

“Why when Nathan was disrespecting Fatima Zac was ready to go to war with his best friend/brother & kick him out the house, but she ain’t do the same when Belinda came in her house disrespecting him?🤔 Sis been slipping frfr, I love her, but 🤦🏽‍♀️”

Cast member Nzinga shared her thoughts:

The drama has definitely moved over from “Sistas” to “Zatima” and as much as the fans don’t want the two fighting, it makes for great TV.

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