MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Paulie Drags Josh And Makes Him Delete Tweet

The challenge paulie Josh

The Challenge world has been in shambles lately since The Challenge USA debuted and now the pettiness is moving to The Challenge Season 38 on MTV!

There’s been countless of shots thrown by The Challenge members hitting The Challenge USA members and even The Challenge members hitting each other.

Fessy recently tweeted:

“Ima need the challenge to start bringing nfl players & professional athletes on the show more often because we would really run circles around them. Most professionally athletes are only great at one thing. The challenge is made for those who possess versatility.”

Paulie responded:

“Why don’t we start by you asking the challenge to bring back the versatile players who wanna compete instead… I know you been dying for a stacked cast 👀”

Josh shared a response but it was quickly deleted:

Josh didn’t want the beef at all;

Fans were encouraging Josh to stand his ground but he just took the diss and walked away.

Paulie and Josh aren’t on Season 38 but those are two Challengers that wanted to be on the season.

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