Bravo’s “Southern Charm” Stars Leva & Naomi Dragged For Disrespecting Craig

Craig Naomi Leva southern charm

“Southern Charm” Season 8 just aired it’s season finale and the fans had a lot to say about what went down on the finale!

Most of the tweets were handed to Naomi and Leva as the two caught a lot of slander last night for disrespecting Craig.

Leva shared:

“”Craig does like to talk about his new persona in business and everything, which I am so proud of him and I am so supportive and always have been,” Leva declares, “but in that moment I was like, you are being a really mean guy. Like, you are being rude, you are being mean. I am a person who loves you, who cares about you, and you know when I went to sit down with his partners, I have my own relationship with his partners outside of Craig. We text, we email. I helped them launch a pillow, I helped them get their [storefront], you know what I mean? Like, we are friendly. We are people who own businesses in the city, so I have my own relationship with them, and I think when in that moment I am having my own conversation and then he is sort of like jumping in, and he was acting like a clown.”

Check out a few tweets from fans below:

Ursmason shared:

“I 100% agree with Craig. How dare Leva be So Rude at His Party. How childish. What was he supposed to do? Bust out the wall and make the one table 6ft longer?? I believe it is customary to have more than one table.”

DevilMuffin shared:

“Leva… how do you go talk sh** about the man who owns the company to the team that helped him build it. Im not exactly sure what you’re doing. Id kick you out as well. Other ppl are at the end of the table and aren’t b*****.

I’m baffled at what makes Naomi think she was supposed to sit at the head of the table”

Kendalldillon shared:

“Unpopular opinion: Craig is 10000% right for telling Leva to leave. She’s complaining to his business partners?! Not the move, girl.”

One fan even thinks it was staged:


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