NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” Creator Speaks About Halstead Exit & How Hailey Will Deal

Halstead Hailey Chicago pd

Chicago P.D. is back for Season 10 but fans aren’t so happy with some of the upcoming events this season is one of them is the departure of Jesse Lee Soffer’s character Halstead.

There’s been petitions and rumors regarding the reason Jesse is leaving the show and the One Chicago fanbase is just in shock.

Showrunner Gwen Sigan is focused on writing the big shift. Per Variety

“We’re all very sad about it. Jesse’s meant so much to this show, and you couldn’t ask for more professional and kind person to work with. So we’re all going to be so devastated,” she told Variety. “I think it just what he brings to the show just as a person and then his character on top of it you’re looking at a character that has meant a lot to Voight and is married to Hailey. There’s so many things that, story wise, are going to be very interesting to write into. So it’s been emotional for sure.”

“I’ve been trying to look at it as really giving him something incredibly powerful and impactful. I think he’s really brilliant in this season, what he’s been in, and so it’s nice to see him have that,” she said. “We tried to stay really true to his character and to what he stands for and what he means for the show and for the unit.”

It was not revealed if Jay character is killed off or not but Sigan did release how Tracy’s character Hailey will handle the situation and honestly it seems like he could be:

“ I think we’ve given Upton a really interesting story this season as to how she deals with this. She’s someone that is so loyal and so attached to him. It’s not just a marriage, they also are partners and they’re partners in a job that is a pressure cooker. To suddenly not have that second half of who you are puts you in a very vulnerable and raw place.“

This is going to be sad!

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