Netflix’s “Selling The OC” Star Polly Says Production Cut Important Scenes

Polly selling the OC

When it comes to reality TV or filming Anthony in general, you’re never going to get the full story because the editors are bound to edit a lot of things out to just show what’s more important!

Selling The OC Star Polly wasn’t a fan of this as she believes Netflix didn’t air important scenes concerning the beef with Rose and Jarvis.

She sat down with Radio Times and shared:

“There was a lot that did not make it in because it would have ended up being two weeks long,

There’s are few moments that stood out that could’ve been shown. For instance, the explanation, so more of the different sides and why people don’t get on with each other. I feel more footage of explaining that properly could have been shown.”

Polly wants a Season 2 renewal so more can be explained about the beef and we would love for that to happen as well.

The series is an instant hit coming right behind original series “Selling Sunset”!

The show has earned a great amount of views on Netflix and even ranked in the Top 3!

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