Bravo’s “Southern Charm” Fans Compares Craig Conover & Shep Rose

Shep Craig southern charm

“Southern Charm” new season is causing tons of drama which is leaving the fans lots to talk about via social media and we can’t say we’re not loving the discourse!

The latest comparison comes between Shep Rose and Craig Conover as fans think Craig is a much better guy than Shep.

@plzgivemethetea shared:

“Shep is sitting with his friends refusing to delete a dating app despite being in a relationship, while his girlfriend Taylor is sitting with her friends defending Shep for calling her a fxxx idiot & insisting she’s fine with it. Abuse isn’t always physical. Craig can damage thousands of dollars of furniture at a dinner party &get caught w/his fly down yet he is still likable. Craig might be a sloppy drunk but being a good person matters. There isn’t a PR team in the world that could salvage Sheps reputation after this… #SouthernCharm”

Fans responded:

Looks like both are catching slander.

Who do you think is worse?

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