Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Reunion Review

Peacock love island usa season 4 reunion

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

This was the shortest season ever, we can’t believe this was the season they thought deserved a reunion episode.

Valerie feels like Jesse didn’t give her a real chance but she’s not bothered because she’s back into her old relationship???

Tyler and Sereniti been having fun while out of the villa, we love it. They’re exploring each other and like each other a lot.

Tyler is giving nothing during this reunion, give them fans some information.

Sereniti is shading Chazz. She says Chazz is not a player but he like to play. Chazz says he wasn’t feeling Sereniti’s appreciation.

She called Chazz out for the speech.

Timmy be quiet trying to save Chazz. He deserves all of the slander tonight.

Jared and Kat storyline was messy because they 100% blocked out the way Chanse might’ve felt about all of that but they’re still cute together. Congratulations on officially becoming girlfriend and Boyfriend.

Jesse and Deb relationship outside of the villa is up in the air because Deb just seems so unsure.

Zeta is upset that they had to film the reunion right after winning because they didn’t get a chance to see much for themselves like the other islanders:

The reunion is more entertaining than majority of the season.

Bria says that Timmy wasted her time and she feel that she deserved better.

Sarah says cue the greatest love story that never was and showed Bella and Joel but we don’t think the public cared about that much.

Bella kissed Chazz after they left out of the villa. Joel wrote Bella a corny poem lol. They’re meant to be.

Chad misses Courtney. We loved Courtney on the show.

Brice and Courtney are talking to each other again, we love that.

Annoyed that all of the islanders weren’t invited.

Bella was brought out as a surprise and she’s letting Chazz have it.

Zeta is so annoyed with Bria.

Here we go with the Isaiah, Phoebe and Sydney drama. Sydney is crying at the reunion, she’s not over that situation.

Chad & Phoebe getting silence from the crowd is funny.

Jeff saying F*** Nadjha was the main red flag. We hope she leaves him alone for good.

Loving the ending of the episode, the Zimmy scenes. Well deserved win. A bad season but the best winners of the USA version so far. Justine deserved a better partner but we’re glad she won too.

Did we miss Mady and Andy segment?

Episode Grade: B, Congratulations Zimmy!

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