HBO Max’s “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” Imogen’s Baby Father To Be Revealed

Imogen baby father pretty little liars original sin

Fans are going crazy all over social media trying to figure out who is the father of Imogen’s baby in the newest “Pretty Little Liars” reboot!

The baby’s father, who has yet to be identified in the three episodes currently streaming on HBO Max. The writers know exactly what they’re doing because the big reveal is said to be a huge part of the show.

“That’s a big part of the mystery throughout the show,” Madison shared. “I’m excited for it to unfold.”

Executive producer Lindsay Calhoon Bring shared: “Imogen’s pregnancy is a very important story along with one of the show’s driving mysteries. “You will know who the father is. It’s important, not only to Imogen, but also to the female friendships in the show. It leads towards a very strong bonding between the young women a strong support system.”

Who do you think the father is?

We think the father is someone it shouldn’t be if that makes sense. Something that will flip the show upside down.

Her mother committed suicide and we have a feeling the person who got Imogen pregnant has something to do with it.

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