Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of Love Island USA Season 3 was so interesting. It gave us a deeper look into who these people really are.

I really think Shannon is going to hurt Josh feelings in the long run. You can tell that he’s way more interested in her. Shannon seems to make it clear that she’s at the Villa to keep her options open. Her head will definitely keep turning until she finds the one.

I feel so bad for Korey watching Will connect so well with Kyra but I think Kyra and Will are a great couple together. Korey and Kyra are both Leo’s, that probably isn’t going to work.

I seen those sparks between Cashay and Javonny with the kiss. I just want Olivia and Javonny to split up because she clearly isn’t feeling him and don’t want to let him know her feelings 100%.

Cinco and Cashay together makes way more sense than Cinco and Trina together. You can tell how deeply Jeremy is in like with Trina and I just know he wouldn’t handle that split well.

Christian and Olivia love life seem to be blank at the moment.

Will picking Kyra was very understandable. Cinco coupling up with Cashay was amazing.

I’m predicting Korey, Christian or even Javonny (Because of Olivia dislike in him) sadly to be dumped from the island.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.