“RHONJ” Season 13 Fans React To Explosive Reunion Trailer

RHONJ season 13 reunion

Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Season 13 was one messy season so you just know the reunion is going to be even messier!!

The network just officially released the sneak peek of the RHONJ Season 13 reunion and the fans are talking all over social media.

View the trailer below:

See what fans had to say:

“Guys I hate to say it but this #rhonj reunion looks REALLY bad for Tre & Luis. Like the inconsistencies seem to be mounting and it seems like they are grasping at straws. I can not believe Tre is gonna use Jacqueline Laurita to push the narrative that Melissa snitched to FBI 😭” – DailyBravo

“At this point, if Bravo doesn’t bring Melissa Gorga back, they are giving Teresa way too much power. Her statement at the reunion is exactly what was the downfall of people like NeNe & Vicki. They felt like they were bigger than the show.” – KemPire

“Why does @Andy always side & show partiality towards the Gorgas all the time? They wouldn’t have anything to talk about if it wasn’t for Teresa.” – JillyMoo


“It already came out that he didn’t hire one, and tbh he doesn’t need to. You can find all you need to know about how Frank got disbarred and all of Joes shady lawsuits and whatnot easily online. Same with Fuda’s ex, bloggers and magazine articles reached out to the mom in jail after they brought her up on the show. That’s to be expected when you’re on a reality show and the fact that they’re trying to blame anything that comes up about them on Louie and Teresa is annoying #rhonj @bravotv @Andy” – Jen

“Andy was asked who his favourite husband is and he answered Joe gorga. So for all of you asking why the gorgas are still on the show when nobody likes them and why hes being bias at the reunion. That’s why!” – Mark

“The way the Gorgas get away with everything pisses me off lol. They never get held accountable even when they’ve been caught in lies many times. I PRAY they are fired, I’m over this merry go round. But we know Andy loves Joe so they’ll probably never go 😭😩” – Teddy

“I want to know why Teresa is always the victim and never accepts responsibility? Look at all the women who have left the show in the past and find the common denominator.” – Andrienne

Let us know your thoughts!

The three-part RHONJ Season 13 reunion kicks off with Part 1 on Tuesday, May 30. Part 2 airs Tuesday, June 6, and Part 3 airs Tuesday, June 13.

Part 1

“After a tumultuous season, the ladies of the Garden State reunite for an epic showdown. Dolores dives deeper into her relationship with Paul. Danielle and Rachel’s feud hits a new tipping point. Teresa makes shocking new allegations against Melissa, which places even more strain on the relationship between Gorgas and the Giudices.”

Part 2

“As the reunion continues, Jennifer and Rachel continue their nose job jabs. Margaret opens up about her ex-husband’s death. New revelations from Jennifer make Danielle question her friend’s intentions. Some startling claims against Louie cause an ugly battle to brew between Rachel, Margaret, and Teresa.”

Part 3

Get Your Teresa Mug

“The reunion concludes as the New Jersey men join the stage for a ferocious face-off. John and Frank speculate on Louie’s involvement with a private investigator. Paul and Dolores tackle tough questions about their future. Teresa and Joe’s tempers boil over, causing what was once a tight brother-and-sister bond to reach its lowest point.”

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