“Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 Episode 14 Sneak Peek

Vanderpump rules season 10

Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 is gearing up to air it’s 14th episode and it’s not one you want to miss!

Episode 14 will debut on May 10th.

Watch the official sneak peek of the episode below:

Fans reacted:

“We are now seeing why Katie was always having friction with Sandoval. Katie knew but could never prove he was a lying, cheating jerk and she knew Swartz knew and he always backed him up verses K’s feelings. Both T’s are jerks, not worthy of the success that’s been bestowed on them.” – Priscilla

“Honestly, if the Tom/Raquel situation never happened I would definitely be team Raquel. Lala and Katie never gave her a chance and has been mean girls since day one.” – Gloria

“Ariana said Sandoval feels like a stranger. That means the relationship was done. Emotionally and physically. Not condoning cheating but everyone can see it. It was over. It’s kind of painful to watch because they used to be so close.” – MVan

“Sorry to those of you who aren’t good judges of character (Scheana I’m looking at you) but I for one am going to gloat that I saw Rachel for who she was from Day 1! That innocent act and fake career path/getting her Masters degree Never fooled me!” – Aysha

“Schwartz and Katie just need to keep their distance from each other. They are just so toxic for each other, even just coexisting with each other” – Lauren

“How can she stand there questioning Ariana Raquel deserves everything she gets She’s having affair with Tom but hasn’t got the decency to leave Ariana alone The 1 woman who was her friend stood up for her who always gave her benefit of doubt Who would want this woman as a friend” – Catherine

This will be an interesting episode!

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Season 10 Plot:

· Lisa Vanderpump, the ever-expanding restauranteur, opens Vanderpump à Paris in Las Vegas and relishes becoming a grandmother. With Tom and Tom venturing into the restaurant business on their own, Lisa continues to offer support and mentorship to her former and current employees, but can’t help but question if the Toms have bitten off more than they can chew. 

· The “Vander-verse” expands as Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval dedicate their time, energy and money to open Schwartz & Sandy’s, a cocktail lounge across town, without Lisa. With Schwartz learning how to live on his own in the midst of a divorce and Sandoval chasing stardom with his band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras, will the Toms realize that opening a bar comes with a few too many headaches and heartaches to be worth it? 

· After 12 years together, Tom and Katie Maloney have gone their separate ways with hopes for an amicable split as long as they both agree to obey one pact – no relationships within the friend group. When Tom hooks up with someone in the circle, their well-intentioned hope for friendship becomes nearly impossible to maintain. Katie begins to date again, while leaning on her friends Lala and Kristina Kelly for support.

· Ariana Madix and Katie’s new business venture is a work in progress as they scout potential locations for their sandwich shop, with Lisa as a mentor and sounding board. Wanting to be the peacemaker within the group, Ariana winds up caught between two feuding friends. 

· Raquel Leviss is ready to spread her wings and find her voice without her ex-fiancé, James. With help from her friends Scheana Shay and Charli Burnett, Raquel is embracing her new single lifestyle. She is having fun and dating around, but as she finds her footing, she steps on a few toes and locks lips with someone that lands her in the middle of the lion’s den, causing more conflict than fun.

· James Kennedy’s music career is booming and his love life is prospering. He met new girlfriend Ally Lewber weeks after his breakup with Raquel and the two were instantly head over heels. When a surprise revelation about James’ past with Lala pops up, Ally questions whether or not she can fully trust him.

· Dealing with the aftermath of a deceitful relationship, Lala Kent is battling for custody of their child and figuring out how to date as a single mother, but after a lengthy dry spell is eager to roll in the sheets. Now more than ever, Lala is prioritizing her sobriety, daughter and friendships.

· While gearing up for her dream wedding with dream man Brock Davies, Scheana Shay is stirring up some drama by being Schwartz’s wingman in the wake of his divorce. When she pushes him to consider potential hookups within the SUR family, Scheana jeopardizes the future of her friendship with longtime frenemy Katie.

“Vanderpump Rules” is produced by Evolution Media with Alex Baskin, Jen McClure-Metz, Joe Kingsley, Jeremiah Smith, Natalie Neurauter, Lisa Vanderpump, and Ken Todd serving as executive producers.

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