“Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” Stars Had No Idea That Was The Title

Summer house Martha’s Vineyard

Bravo’s “Summer House” Spin-Off “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” is finally here and the cast is speaking out about how the show got it’s start!

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard follows 12 friends from across the country, reuniting for a two-week getaway in the coastal community, historically a travel destination for Black Americans. Newlyweds Jasmine Ellis and Silas Cooper organized the retreat.

The couple has no clue the show would be apart of the Summer House franchise. Per ET.

They shared:

“We had no idea,” Jasmine told ET.

“We knew that we had gone for a couple of years with our friends, same setup with the friends in a house, and they kind of wanted to redo that with us. So after filming, it was just like, ‘OK, cool, we’re doing what we did last year and the year before.

I’ve been going for seven years, Jasmine’s been going for three years, it felt really natural,” Silas says of inviting cameras into their summer share. “And when we were done, we’re like, wow! That was a lot, right? We were like, that was a lot more than we anticipated, but we knew that we had a good time.”

The two found out after filming that they would be apart of the franchise.

“I’m like this actually makes a lot of sense,” Silas shares. “We’re like, look, this is obviously a successful franchise, to set up, that they have. You know, this is something that they believe in, and so for us to be sort of the next iteration of that? It says a lot about how they feel about us.”

“It’s like Degrassi: The Next Chapter,”!

Read more: https://www.etonline.com/jasmine-and-silas-cooper-on-being-welcomed-into-the-summer-house-family-with-marthas-vineyard?amp

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For more than 100 years, Black vacationers have flocked to Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and one of the first beach destinations where African Americans could vacation and purchase property. Known for its natural beauty with pristine beaches, romantic sailboats, colorful gingerbread cottages, and cultural identity, this summertime sanctuary has become a favorite escape for the rich, famous, and politically connected. “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” follows a group of 12 friends as they enjoy their island getaway. With beach parties, decadent dinners, and summer hookups, both fun and drama are in store for these young Black professionals and entrepreneurs. 

In “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” the friends have known one another for years and are excited to let loose this summer, indulging in cultural experiences and exclusive island activities while learning to overcome their personal obstacles.

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