“The Challenge USA” Season 2 Cast Revealed

The challenge usa season 2

MTV’s “The Challenge” Spin-Off “The Challenge USA” just started production on it’s 2nd season and the cast members are officially being announced!!

Season 2 will mix CBS stars and MTV vets and it’s undoubtedly going to be one interesting season that’s for sure.

Challenge Experts GamerVev and PinkRose just released the full list of potential cast members and we’re actually loving it as of now.

View below:

Host: TJ Lavin

Filming time: 6-7 weeks

Departure: Friday April 7th


Alyssa Lopez (Big Brother)

Alyssa Snider (Bug Brother)

Amanda Garcia (Are You The One?)

Ameerah Jones (Big Brother)

Cassidy Clark (Survivor)

Cayla Platt (The Amazing Race) 

 Chanelle Howell (Survivor) 

Desiree J. “Desi” Williams (Survivor) 

Hannah Chaddha (Big Brother)  

Jonna Mannion (Endurance & The Real World: Cancun)

Kellyanne Judd (The Real World: Sydney) 

Lulu Gonzalez (Amazing Race)

 Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor)

 Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor)

 Tiffany Mitchell (Big Brother)

Victoria “Tori Deal” Dehel (Are You The One?)


Cinco Holland (Love Island)

Chris Underwood (Survivor)

Cory Wharton (The Real World: Explosion & Teen Mom )

Dusty Harris (The Amazing Race)

Faysal Shawn “Fessy” Shafaat (Big Brother) 

John Amadeus “Johnny Bananas” Devenanzio (The Real World: Key West)

Joseph Abdin (Big Brother)

Josh Martinez (Big Brother)

Luis Colon (Amazing Race)

Kyland Young (Big Brother)

Monte Taylor (Big Brother)

Paul Calafiore (Big Brother)

Tyler Crispen (Big Brother)

Weston Bergmann (The Real World: Austin)

Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl)


Who are you most looking forward to? Let us know!

We’re unsure if the season will debut on CBS or Paramount+ but it’s looking very Paramount+ worthy.

The cast at the airport!

First Season Plot:

The all-star group of players who will take on the new challenge includes SURVIVOR winners Tyson Apostol, Ben Driebergen and Sarah Lacina, BIG BROTHER winner Xavier Prather, THE AMAZING RACE winner James Wallington and LOVE ISLAND winner Justine Ndiba. Players have proven they can “outwit, outlast and outplay” their competition and “expect the unexpected,” but now, for the first time in THE CHALLENGE history, they will compete in the most grueling mental and physical competitions they have ever faced. 

Upon arrival, the CBS reality titans are given $1,000 to start their individual challenge accounts, and they quickly discover they must battle to keep and increase their handsome reward. In each episode, an algorithm pairs contestants who will face off to earn money for their accounts by winning challenges or eliminating their opponents. This will not be an easy task, as they will be paired with a randomly selected competitor every episode, making alliances and strategies more difficult than ever. Players must adapt to survive the game and protect their challenge accounts. With the $500,000 grand prize and title of Challenge Champion on the line, players will be in a constant state of paranoia, unable to trust anyone but themselves.

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