“RHONJ” Fans Chooses Between Jennifer Or Margaret

Jennifer Margaret rhonj

Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” fans are taking to Twitter to debate on if they’re Team Jennifer Aydin or Team Margaret Josephs!

A fan shared a tweet captioning:

“Who’s side are you on?
Like for Jennifer, retweet for Margaret. RHONJ”

Jennifer is leading!

See what fans are saying below:

“Margret has it out for Jen. Jen barely sat down, when Margaret immediately started in on her. Melissa definitely instigated that. Margret is wrong all the way, and she’s hitting below the belt and it needs to stop. Your whole storyline cannot be about Jen!!!! Stop already!!” – Michelle

“Neither is one. They are just petty and disrespectful. Jennifer however is just vile going to the women trying to manipulate the other ladies opinions on Margaret. When I met new people, I like to decide on my own without other people’s chatter in the background, if I like them.” – Dorine

“I would like to say, if it wasn’t for Jennifer & Tre there’d be no show. 1 or both are featured every show. Also, it’s the first time in 3 days that my thread has consistently had something other than the Tom/Ariana breakup. Thank you Jen & Tre!” – Tricia

“Margaret started this fire on this episode. She didn’t let Jen sit before she started in on her and she got loud first. Jen can hold her on and went low when M went in” – Cynthia

“What’s really annoying is how when Jen called her an old lady, Rachel and Melissa and Jackie said “oh woah that’s not nice stop” and when marge said she’s a disheveled drug addict, no one said nothing. Like WTF?” – Petey

“I’m really over the screaming and fighting. I can’t stand it in my personal life, and I can’t stand watching it on these shows. I got hooked on these shows when they were funny , and an interesting look at a different lifestyle. But it’s become difficult to watch, no longer fun.” – Lady Bird

Series Plot:

Teresa Giudice continues to live blissfully in her love bubble as she plans her fairytale wedding to Louie. Since her relationship with Joe and Melissa is on shaky ground, however, will she truly have her happily ever after? As Melissa Gorga continues to renovate her new home, she and Joe have hit an all-time low with Teresa. After numerous failed attempts at making amends, the Gorgas are faced with a decision to fully let go of the fractured relationship. Margaret Josephs thought she had buried the hatchet with Jennifer last year, but recently learned that she’s still up to her old tricks. When Margaret’s ex-best friend secretly meets with Jennifer and Teresa to spread gossip about her, Margaret must now defend herself against these vicious claims. Dolores Catania is head over heels for her new Irish boyfriend, Paulie, and the couple is moving towards planning a future together. With Frank still in the picture, though, Dolores struggles with her non-traditional relationship with him and how to move on peacefully. Jennifer Aydin’s marriage to Bill is still reeling from the effects of his affair being town gossip. Furthermore, with differing parenting styles, Jennifer and Bill are constantly at odds these days. Is therapy enough to help this struggling marriage … or is it too little, too late? Danielle Cabral is an over-the-top mom, wife and businesswoman who doesn’t shy away from anyone and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. As she struggles with a broken relationship with her brother, she tries to use her experience to encourage peace between Teresa and the Gorgas, which causes tension within the group. Rachel Fuda is a supermom of three and a business owner who juggles everything with ease. While she and her husband, John, have two small children, John has an older son of his own who Rachel is contemplating adopting. After an abrasive encounter with Jennifer, Rachel begins to question her motives and forms a loyal bond with Margaret and Melissa, creating a divide within the group. Since attacking her eating disorder head on, Jackie Goldschneider is back and more confident than ever. However, with two new girls in the mix, Jackie ruffles some feathers and has a hard time playing nice. Jennifer Fessler is the wise-cracking friend of Margaret who isn’t afraid to make her opinions known. Will her unfiltered mouth get her into trouble with some of the other ladies?

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