“The Challenge” Star Wes Shares What Wins He Thinks Should Count

Wes the challenge

MTV’s “The Challenge” fans has been having the debate for a minute now about if “The Challenge: All Stars” wins should count as regular wins and although many feel they should including MTV, some fans do not like to count them.

“The Challenge” champ Wes Bergmann is speaking out about his opinion on the whole debate in a series of tweets.

He tweeted:

“FYI y’all are allowed to discredit All Stars as a championship. I’m fine with that cus I’ve got enough chips to lose one if you so choose.

But you then need to discredit 85% of the other seasons that were easier to win than All Stars.

I agree that Champs vs Pros shouldn’t count.

That said, let me add some complexity…

Season 1’s final is in top ten hardest finals of all time.

Season 3’s final is in top 15 hardest.

Season 2 & 3’s filming length is in top 40% of duration.

So even these need more credit.

Also, let’s consider the Duel.

Most stacked cast of all time. Alumni went on to become the winningist cast of all time.

Shorter duration than the average shoot time of All Stars and Champs VS.

Duration doesn’t matter.

More on duration:

On ride or Dies we went 6 eps and lost 1 team. Does that make it hard? LOL poor Nelson.

The final was 100 hours, and was a brilliant test of focus. But it’s not in a top ten difficulty of finals because of all the stopping, waiting, and camping.

The person who has been most critical of All Star wins as of recent is @DerrickMTV

I can make arguments for how not a single one of his wins is impressive by the standards of an actually hard final, or game play

If All Stars wins don’t count, Derrick is not a Challenge champion”

Interesting. Derek even responded:

Let us know your thoughts!?

The Challenge was created for MTV by Bunim/Murray Productions. Julie Pizzi, Emer Harkin, Ryan Smith and Danny Wascou serve as Executive Producers and James Rodriguez is Co-Executive Producer. Dan Caster serves as Executive Producer with Leanne Mucci as Co-Executive Producer for MTV.

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