“Survivor” Season 43 Star Dwight Moore Defends Co-Star Jesse Lopez

Jesse and Dwight survivor 43

CBS’s “Survivor” Season 43 has now officially crowned a winner and the fans are still intrigued with the outcome!

Mike Gabler was crowned the winner of Survivor 43. Gabler’s rise was cemented when he set a Survivor record with the fastest Tribal Council fire making ever (4 minutes, 9 seconds), sending favorite-to-win Jesse Lopez to the jury.

Since then, there has been tons of opinions as well.

One fan shared:

Dwight Moore came to his defense sharing:

“When the season 43 cast got back and received their phones, @Jesse_L_Lopez was one of a few to reach out near immediately to check that I was doing alright, given the circumstances of how I had to fly home right after being voted out.

A few others reached out that night as well, but I’m just making it clear that he’s an amazing guy, and the reason there are no bad stories about him is because they don’t exist.

I will defend my ENTIRE cast to the ends of the earth, because they are all amazing people.

And before some of y’all even start with the “he didn’t say X or Y reached out” as an excuse to go after folks, @karlacruzgodoy @TulaneOwen @JeanineZheng and Noelle were the others to reach out near immediately while they were in the airport.

Almost everyone else on the cast reached out or responded over the next few days as well, completely unprompted. This cast is full of amazing people, and they’ve shown that to me time and time again.”

Love this!

What a great season. What are your thoughts on the winner?

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