CBS’s “Big Brother” Fans React To Season 20’s Brett Joining “The Circle” On Netflix

Brett the circle Netflix

Netflix’s “The Circle” Season 5 is around the corner and CBS fans will be seeing a familiar face and the reactions are pouring in!

The new season will Star Brett William Robinson who was a contestant on Big Brother 20.

Brett was known for his loud and arrogant personality, Brett started strong by joining the Level Six alliance and forming a bromance with Winston Hines on the show.

Netflix The Circle recently tweeted:

“somebody get this man some ice. hot boy Brett is entering The Circle.”

Fans reacted:

“Yeah, I’ll be passing on this season. Worst choice they’ve ever made. There are so many other perfectly inoffensive men from Big Brother.” – GymLeaderLogann

“This casting choice alone has ruined the show for me. Especially when I already was leaning towards not caring when it was announced it was all singles. There are enough other dating shows, Netflix trying to kill their own programming 🤣” – realityrenae

“why in the fork would you put this man on the circle before you put him on the challenge????” – Ruchie_Ruch

“One thing MTV/CBS got right was never bringing this oxygen thief back for any of their shows but I guess the cockroach found a way…” – dumbledore_BB

“I’m not watching this season. I hate this man. I can’t forgive him for ruining @Mrs_ARockstar’s daughter’s birthday 4 years ago. #TheCircle” – JoshwaStJames

“Brett BB20 is on the new Circle season.

The casting circle for reality shows has to be about the size of a dime.” – rbbq

Starting Dec. 28, new episodes of The Circles will roll out each Wednesday, with different phases of the competition featured across 13 hour-long episodes as contestants compete for 150k:

  • Week 1 (Wednesday, Dec. 28): Episodes 1-4
  • Week 2 (Wednesday, Jan.  4): Episodes 5-8
  • Week 3 (Wednesday, Jan. 11): Episodes 9-12
  • Week 4 (Wednesday, Jan. 18): Finale Episode

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