“Big Brother” 24 Women Still Disrespecting Taylor

Bb24 Taylor Indy Joseph ameerah

CBS’s “Big Brother” Season 24 cast has to be one of the messiest cast ever!

After such a messy season and a post season full of apologizing, it seems Taylor still can’t catch a break with some of her cast members.

Taylor is now dating co-star Joseph and the two are very close but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her cast members from also allegedly trying to get close with Joseph.

Spoiler Girl shared:

“In the last 24 hours, Indy has kissed one of Joseph’s body parts on camera, rest her shoulder on his head and called him my love and Ameerah tried to sit on his lap.

Disrespect towards Taylor and #Jaylor #BB24 🤔”

“I’m not starting drama with a showmance. I’m exposing the fakes for what they are FAKES. Ameerah and Indy don’t care about Taylor. I hope she sees it and the sooner the better. They have both disrespected Jaylor and even the Jaylor fans have called them out. #BB24”

Indy responded:

Spoiler Responded:

“You can @ me. I’m not the one who is kissing another guys body parts in a video while he has a girlfriend. #BB24 Bla, Bla, Bla 🤭”

A fan shared:

“This situation really bothers me. Taylor & Joseph need defined boundaries with these women who imo are only interested in a friendship with her in order to be close to him. They are not her true friends. Jaylor are kind. When people show you who they are believe them the 1st time” – Jacqueline Miller

What are your thoughts? Is SpoilerGirl exaggerating?

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