“RHOBH” Fans Debate On If Kathy Hilton Was Disrespectful At PCA’s

Kathy hilton peoples choice

Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Season 12 fans are now having a debate online based on Kathy Hilton’s actions at the 2022 People Choice Awards.

While Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order SVU gave her speech at the PCA’s, Kathy was seen putting on lip gloss in the background.

One fan shared:

“Kathy thinks what she’s doing is quirky and cute! She knows exactly what she’s doing and this is the epitome of disrespect, I understand y’all are desperate to stan anyone that hates on Rinna or Erika or Kyle but this is a new low for her #rhobh” – woke_fan

The tweet started a debate!

“Kathy is further back then people realize. Kathy didn’t know she was on camera she just had dry lips Erika and Rinna are not friends anymore” – Jules_chicky

“How in any way is this disrespectful? Like I’m so confused… she’s literally applying lip gloss. She isn’t showing her 🐱 on live television” – Crazy4Ray

“Watching that made me sick – who does that to someone… the Kathy Hilton we’ve been saying exists: Rich, Rude, Ridiculous. She is the epitome of ‘I’m rich – everyone else is beneath me’” – BoboMama

“It confuses me that people see her as quirky but some of her behavior is rude. She definitely can be funny but her lack of awareness (or maybe she is aware and doesn’t care)…is not cute or funny.” – Adrian88

“not desperate just the fact the ppl U Stan are awful
U can be a fan of them we can be a fan of da others
She hasn’t accused any1 of doing coke with her children present (Rinna) she hasn’t lied constantly (Kyle)to fit a certain narrative
She hasn’t mugged of victims (Erika)….” – MelDavisXX1

“She probably didn’t even know she was on camera. Kathy is not media savvy. I was happy to see all the girls seemingly getting along… but this Kathy hate is just too much sometimes.” – Sparkle_emotions

“This is not just disrespectful, but blatantly unaware and ensconced in her privilege. At first I thought she was quirky and funny – but after this season, I see her for the 1% she is.” – Gestalt9

“The director should have had the camera operator tighten in on Mariska. Someone wasn’t doing their job” – Margaret

Kathy did apologize sharing:

““I would never do anything to be rude intentionally and I’m really sorry.”

What are your thoughts?

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