CBS’s “Blue Bloods” Season 13 Mid Season Finale Took Over Friday Night On Social Media

Blue bloods season 13

CBS’s “Blue Bloods” Season 13 Mid Season Finale was the talk of the Twitter on Friday night and can you blame them? This is the last episode of the season so the fans had to go out with a bang l right?!!

The 8th episode was titled “Poetic Justice”


“Danny crosses paths with a criminal from a previous case when he investigates a gang attack with a shocking motive; Frank and Mayor Chase butt heads over an off-duty cop who goes too far making a political statement.”

Here’s some of our fan favorite reactions from the mid season finale:

“Danny Reagan is like the Wizard of Oz!!! Lol!!! All the images that have just popped up in my head! 😂 #BlueBloods” – islandiva147

“That whole entire Danny and Anthony conversation was so funny! #BlueBloods” – Ellie

“Eddie and Jamie are now speaking up on the case of this dude, Malcolm Argus while investigating a dirty officer whose identity may hit close to home!! @BlueBloods_CBS #BlueBloods” – Sam Gonzalez

“The mayor always wants his way. He wouldn’t be acting like that if the man wasn’t a cop #BlueBloods” – StephonJS87

“Too many hit and runs! Especially, hitting pedestrians on the street! Very sad! #BlueBloods ❤️💙🤖 Danny and Baez will take care of it!” – recfountain

“Real talk y’all when those bikes pulled up and got that guy out of the car how many of y’all was screaming at the screen don’t you dare touch my Danny Reagan?!!!! @DonnieWahlberg #BlueBloods” – SoVerySweetDiva

“@BlueBloods_CBS Best way to spend a Friday night. Chilling with my 85 year old Dad……who “likes the pretty daughter and the singer kid”🤣🤣🤣 @DonnieWahlberg @bridgetmoynahan I ❤️ the show & still making memories with Dad. Mustache is a LEGEND!! #twug #BlueBloods #FridayVibes” – KarMaiSa3


“I think it was Maya Angelou who said something to the effect of “When someone shows you who they are the first time believe them.” That’s kind of the take I have on Jack. I still don’t trust him. 😂😂😂😂 #BlueBloods” – adam laughs life

“Definitely, guessed that Sonny wasn’t going to stay put. Love how mad Danny gets after his buddies rescued him. Loving how Jamie defends his wife in front of his boss. Hoping that it doesn’t happen again and Eddie’s partner is a dirty cop. @BlueBloods_CBS #Jamko #BlueBloods 💙🏙️” – KarinaVergaraP

Donnie shared:

“It not the last episode of the season. It’s only the last episode of 2022 — more new episodes of #BlueBloods will be back in January 2023!

That’s about 3 weeks from now! More season 13 to go!”

The season went out with a bang! The show trended Top 10:

We can’t wait until the new episodes in 2023.

Blue Bloods stars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou, Marisa Ramirez, and Vanessa Ray. Recurring players include Abigail Hawk, Gregory Jbara, Robert Clohessy, Steven Schirripa, Will Hochman, Rosyln Ruff, Ian Quinlan, Stacy Keach, Peter Hermann, and Stephanie Kurtzuba. The show revolves around the Reagans, a multi-generational family of New York City cops that’s dedicated to law enforcement. Patriarch Frank Reagan (Selleck) is the New York Police Commissioner and runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family. His unapologetically bold father, Henry (Cariou), previously served a stint as Chief. A source of pride and concern for Frank is his eldest son, Danny (Wahlberg), a seasoned detective, family man, an Iraq War vet. Danny sometimes uses dubious tactics to solve cases with his partner, Detective Maria Baez (Ramirez). Frank’s daughter, Erin (Moynahan), is a New York Assistant District Attorney. Frank’s youngest is Jamie (Estes), a Harvard Law graduate and the family’s “golden boy.” He passed on a lucrative future in law and follows in the family footsteps as a cop. Eddie Janko (Ray) is Jamie’s wife and a fellow officer.

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