Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Potomac” Season 7 Mid-Season Trailer

RHOP season 7 mid season

Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Potomac” Season 7 is heating up!!

The ratings for this season are doing very well and the drama is leaving fans and family members in a world of shock.

Bravo just released the mid season trailer and fans are reacting!

View the trailer here:

Fans responded:

“Let’s be real.Karen ALSO stays coming for other people’s relationships. She’s deflecting too. Last season, Ray wouldn’t say “I love you.” She asked him staright out & his response ON CAMERA – he wasn’t sure if he loved her anymore. So she needs to sweep her own front porch first.” – KR_AS_H

“It’s always been Karen for me! Charisse look drunk per usual, Robyn gonna find out she like women, Giselle is there for looks, Mia & her bestie… Wendy fed up, Candace might fight this time, and Ashley is a businesswoman.” – Shae_Laraun

“I’m here for the Karen vs Robyn moment😂😂. Karen is getting her for us.” – MorokaTshego

“Grand Dame Karen is not playing with Robyn! I believe that’s why Robyn has been so sloppy and angry this season.” – PettyLabelle

“They can cut out the Ashley talking about her marriage scenes, solo scenes with Robyn or Gisele, and scenes without either Wendy, Candace, or Karen and it’ll be good” – Bombaclatt1

“I feel they should keep Juan out of their mess because he really tries to distance himself from this show. He rarely says anything or does anything with these women and this show hell he hardly makes appearances at all.” – EarthlySCman

“Why is it ok for Karen to spread rumors about Robyn but it’s not ok for rumors about Karen? Make it make sense. Does Karen believe she’s above everyone else? She’s taking this grande dame stuff too seriously IMO.” – SCharlesSanders

“Wait a minute. I KNOW Giselle ain’t the reason Mia and home girl fell out. Girl done went from breaking up families to breaking up friendships.” – TheRealChatty1

“Why does Robyn always try to involve Juan when she’s getting read for filth? Does he suppose to come fight somebody or something? And we see that he’s her aggressive twin. Cause why he wanna cuss a woman out? I’ve never heard any of the other men say that. Let’s talk about it.” – IAmMexoxoxo

“Listen, this season of Potomac feels like The Hunger Games because they all know a few of them are gonna be let go. I’m loving the Olympics honestly.” – AngelHuracha

Are you living the new season? Let us know!

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