Netflix’s “Warrior Nun” Fans Upset At The Lack Of Promotion The Show Receives

Netflix Warrior nun Season 3

Netflix’s “Warrior Nun” Season 2 just debuted on the streamer and the fans are doing everything they can to make sure the show receives another season!!

Season 2 of Warrior Nun premiered on Nov. 10 and was fifth on Netflix’s global top ten list of television shows for the week of Nov. 14 to Nov. 20. with 27,740,000 hours viewed. The release of Season 2 also put the show’s first season back on Netflix’s top 10 list as well, making it the eighth most-watched show on the streaming service for that week with 20,100,000 total hours viewed.

The show quickly surpassed popular Netflix series “Heartstopper” in Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show is accomplishing all of this despite having barely any promotion from Netflix and fans are upset as the streamer is putting all of their promotion into new series like “Wednesday”.

See what fans had to say below;

“remember that warrior nun is pulling crazy numbers despite the lack of, as in $0, marketing and promotion budget” – sapphicpov

“imagine if netflix actually invested in warrior nun’s marketing and promotion, it would have been one of their BIGGEST shows well i just hope all that budget will be going towards season 3 and the succeeding seasons”

“i hope netflix recognizes the context within the week 3 numbers ie. fighting for its life for 3 straight weeks with $0 promotion 0 screeners sent to critics and put up against a heavy slate. if u started warrior nun please finish it bc they look @ completion percentages
as well” – MilfOlogy

“I hope other fandoms know that we aren’t hating on their show when we point out that shows like Wednesday had an astronomically larger amount of promotion than Warrior Nun did. We’re just pointing out that Netflix set up WN for failure and it’s so obvious” – Super_Clownery

“oh please but tell the story as it is, say that warrior nun managed to get top 5 global while competing with the most promoted tv shows by that time! so the way i see it, warrior nun did amazing for a tv show who got 0$ promotion, you *ssholes!” – Abbymaxs

We believe “Warrior Nun” deserves a Season 3 with proper promotion. What are your thoughts?

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