CBS’s “Big Brother” Spoiler Girl Exposes Kyle & Alyssa For Allegedly Accepting Money From Fans

Spoiler girl Kyle Alyssa

CBS’s “Big Brother” Season 24 Stars Kyle and Alyssa might be in a relationship post show but now they’re also in brand new drama!

The couple is being accused of accepting money from fans to pay for trips and more. The accusations came from the Big Brother Spoiler Account who goes by the name of “Spoiler Girl”.

She shared:

“They’re still paying for stuff. They’re contributing a lot too their European trip that is coming up by buying lots of travel items, necessities and clothing for Kyle/Alyssa. I will have screenshots on it too. #BB24”

“The Alyssa/Kyle fans DID contribute to the Hawaii trip and Alyssa/Kyle didn’t ask them to, but they accepted it. The one fan is upset because Alyssa/Kyle have shown favoritism to certain fans like Blue girl and those fans are given access to them who contribute more. #BB24”

“Tell the amount. Tell why Kyle/Alyssa are showing favoritism for fans who donate. You have direct access to Kyle and Alyssa whenever you want but not other fans who can’t afford to donate?”

This has to be the messiest post season story we’ve seen yet. Do you think SpoilerGirl is telling the truth!?

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