MTV’s “The Challenge” Season 38 Episode 7 Reactions

The challenge season 38 episode 7

MTV’s “The Challenge” Season 38 Episode 6 was a big one for the season and even ended up the highest rated episode of the season!!

Big moves were made by Michele and Jay.

In the episode, Bananas and Nany pulled the “safe” dagger, forcing Aneesa and Jordan to compete against Laurel and Jakk. Aneesa and Jordan won, sending Jakk and Laurel home.

The new episode seen the house targeting Michele and Jay.

See the reactions below:

“Amber & Chauncey take down Darrell & Veronica.

Amber is now 4-1 in eliminations, an impressive record on top of already having a Challenge Championship.” – TheAllanAguirre

“I’m really annoyed how these people 🗑 treat Amber 👑 Not one person has a valid reason to dislike her. It’s always “I HaVe A gUt FeELiNg, something tells me not to trust her” It’s cause everyone is jealous she became a champ on her rookie season and they can’t #thechallenge38” – irwinnnn16

“Devin don’t trust Chauncey and Amber based off what exactly?? He so weird ugh #TheChallenge38” – dontclapatjana_

“can we put nany and kaycee against each other i’m tired of them being auto protected #TheChallenge38” – realitystvs

“Y’all PLEASE don’t give Devin too much credit for this. He’s good, but HE IS NOT WES BERGMANN, Nelson is just slower than a parked car when it comes to anything related to mental/strategy bless his heart. #TheChallenge38” – WillJames93

“I will always ride or die for @v_cakes . This woman has been doing this for 2 and a half decades. Anyone speaks outside her name is ignorant and uneducated on The Challenge. I love you V and every time you step on our screen is an honor. #TheChallenge38” – RealitySnake6

“Nelson really messed up that vote. 3 out of 4 of those teams would have never said his name and now they ALL will. He is not playing for himself and that’s unfortunate after all this time. Retire him 2 All-stars #TheChallenge38”’- ScubaSteve3560

“Nury’s is jealous of Amber B. and you can’t tell me differently. She’s used to being the most confident and self assured girl in the room but she’s not with Amber there. Amber is truly kind and loyal person there was no reason not to trust her. #TheChallenge38 #thechallenge” – AliThompson08

“TheChallenge38 is good but it’s getting frustrating that so many teams are trying to avoid “The Zone”… I liked earlier seasons where you had to win a few of the end challenges in order to qualify for the Final. Most of tonight was scrambling to avoid end challenge.” – ErikMWalker

“TheChallenge38 is shaping up to be the best since War of the Worlds” – MattLiGuori

Did you enjoy tonight’s episode? Thoughts on the eliminated pair?

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