“Buying Beverly Hills” Star Farrah Had A Hard Time Watching Mother Kyle On “RHOBH”

Buying Beverly Hills rhobh

Netflix’s “Buying Beverly Hills” Star Farrah recently shared that she had a hard time watching mother Kyle Richards be mistreated during Season 12 Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

She was not only mad at the cast members but also the fans.

She shared that her mother was beloved for many seasons of the show, and she was shocked to see how quickly the fans turned on her.

Farrah shared on the Zack Peter podcast:

“And it does bother me that she gave so much for all those years and was loved and beloved. But people, this audience, is so fickle.

Before I would just be like, ‘Mom, who cares what anyone says? Like whatever.

This last season of her show, I was very worked up. I wanted to respond and just be like, ‘You don’t know everything, like, you just don’t know.

If they turn on you, then there’s nothing you can do right, and that part is like, where’s the loyalty?”

When it comes to her cousin Paris Hilton, she says she doesn’t let her mother and Kathy’s fight come between the two.

Do you think Farrah is right for blaming the fans?

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