ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8 Fans Reacts To Ency Crying Over Andrew & Jessenia

Bachelor in paradise ency Andrew Jessenia

ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8 fans are confused with Ency after the latest BIP episodes and her tears!

Ency, who arrived on the beach during the Monday, November 14, episode quickly hit it off with Andrew after they had a fabulous date together.

Their new found like for each other declined during the Sadie Hawkins dance when Jessenia Cruz pulled Andrew aside to talk about their romance.

She shared on Twitter:

“It had nothing to do with trust for me. My date was absent for almost 2 hours on our date… #bachelorinparadise

Fans reacted:

“Why is that Ency is mad about Jessenia wanting to talk things through after they’d spent a bit of time together. Ency, you’ve been there for one day at most, relax. #BachelorInParadise “ –

“Ummmm, no Ency. Absolutely wrong approach. He’s allowed to talk to Jessenia. He wasn’t validating anything. Now giving him an ultimatum with Jessenia right there? If it’s producer induced, then you listened to the wrong person, bc this is a horrible look.” – realitysteve

“Ency toxic asf… two days you knew Andrew with an ultimatum for being a kind human being to Jessenia and then possessive BEGGING him to stay when he said he wants Teddy. I’m embarrassed #bachelorinparadise” – lanigarciaaa

“Ency just self-sabotaged so badly and good for Andrew for not having the tolerance for that kind of behavior. #BachelorInParadise” – kirstin__w

“Andrew puts everyone first over himself, now he’s choosing himself and Ency is literally begging him not to. When he literally told her that his heart is somewhere else and she’s still begging after knowing that she’s not the one he wants #BachelorInParadise” – 0111vanessa

Thoughts? Let us know because that was a crazy episode!

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