ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Star Eliza On Why She Picked Rodney Over Justin

Eliza Justin Rodney bachelor in paradise

If you’re a Bachelor Nation fan, you know that Eliza was introduced on Season 26 of “The Bachelor”!

She returned for Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 and she was in a love triangle.

The emotional triangle featured Justin and Rodney.

Eliza recently joined the “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation” podcast with host Joe Amabile to speak about the triangle.

Eliza stated that there was a lot of pressure stating:

“That Rose Ceremony and the two days leading up to it were the absolute worst. I was going through it. I was so distraught. It got to the point where I was telling the girls and producers that I can’t do this and I’d rather just take the L and just leave.”

“It was k*lling me. There was so much pressure because either way at the end of this I was going to hurt somebody. To my core, I just couldn’t do it. They are both great guys and that’s what made it so much harder.”

“We got up to the Rose Ceremony night and I feel like I held up the whole ceremony for an hour because I was in the background crying. Up until the very last minute, I still didn’t know what was going to come out of my mouth. I chose Rodney because from the beginning, I did want it to be him. In the back of my head, I did want it to be Rodney. I had spent more time with him and I felt a sense of loyalty to him.”

“It’s not like our relationship was bad. We were having an amazing time. I just felt like what happened the few days before and going on that date with Justin just set us back. In the end, I ultimately still wanted it to be him. So that’s why I got up there and said his name, I still cared for him.”

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