MTV’s “The Challenge” 38 Star Tommy Accused Of Pulling Partner Analyse Down

Tommy analyse the challenge 38

“Big Brother” Star Tommy recently was eliminated from The Challenge Season 38 alongside his partner Analyse and watching the episode made him very emotional!

The contestant spoke about loving the cast and how Jordan made him feel better!

He shared:

The star was catching nothing but heat from the fans though for his performance:

“Analyse almost solo won this daily challenge.

Had Tommy just been a normal person trying to reach for the flag rather than look funny hoping to be in a trailer for the episode, they would’ve won.

That’s so corny. I feel bad for her.” – CFConfessionals

“Did the producers really think that Tommy would be a good fit on The Challenge? Be serious. I’m glad he’s eliminated, one of the worst competitors ever” – BettysVeto

“tommy has to be the worst challenge competitor ever 😭” – CinamonsTrueSel

“The biggest flaw the Big Brother players possess is that they come onto an entirely new show still tryna play Big Brother. That was Tommy & Analyse’s downfall. There was no reason for them to double cross Olivia & Horacio.” – willjames93

Many fans think that Tommy hurt Analyse more than helped her and would like her back on the show but not.

What are your thoughts?

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