Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Stars Kit & Joe On Navigating The Hate & Fame

Netflix heartstopper kit and Joe

Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke are dealing with a lot in the media lately while also enjoying many wins!

The two lead actors recently sat down with GQ UK to speak about the show, fame, navigating the hate they receive while being in the spotlight and more.

Kit Connor has been an actor since he was eight, but hadn’t felt mainstream recognition like this before describes it to GQ as “like you’ve just got your licence and you’re suddenly asked to be a getaway driver. There are certain things that you’re asked and expected to do, but you feel so unbelievably unequipped.” PER GQ

“It just gets weirder and weirder,” Locke says, still in a state of disbelief. To keep himself grounded – or from letting fame’s nasty residue rub off on him he tries to remember this is fleeting. “It’s not at all real.”

“The idea of a tabloid being interested in a teenager’s love life is really gross,” Locke says. “Someone making money out of rumours about who I – an 18-year-old boy – might be liking or talking to, it’s really gross and perverted.” His hands curl in on themselves, but he’s saying it now because he feels like it’s important: “I’m 18… I don’t know who I am yet.”

The stars talk about how not being on social media much helps them. It got to the point where they would have to unfollow friends and family so fans wouldn’t get in touch with them.

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