Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Star Kit Connor Earns Support After Bisexual Announcement

Heartstopper kit connor bisexual

Last week was a very rough week for Heartstopper Star Kit Connor as he was forced by fans to share his sexuality via Twitter!

Kit Connor announced that he was bisexual after fans were accusing him of QueerBaiting

Kit took to Twitter to share:

Although there’s always going to be bad apples in the bunch, a lot of fans were very supportive and understanding.

See what fans said below:

“a big fat f*** you to everyone who said that kit connor was queerbaiting and an even bigger f*** you to everyone who wouldn’t leave him alone about his sexuality. an even bigger f*** you to anyone who says anything bad about the heartstopper cast. kit I love you and we’re sorry” – bangtwicetea

“i cannot believe that some of you are so insufferable that you watched a show about positive identity and forced kit connor to go through the exact thing that his character was terrified of.” – darcystrumpet

“accusing kit connor of queerbaiting people just bc he was seen w someone of the opposite sex is proof that you guys don’t consider bisexual people “queer enough” unless they’re dating the same sex” – eddiebegins

“lets not joke around: kit connor being forced to come out as bisexual is a DIRECT result of the rampant & violent biphobia within the lgbt community — you lot saw a boy engaging in a heterosexual passing relationship and (harrasingly) invalidated his sexuality to breaking point” – whouffaldi

“Queerbaiting is a media term.
Real people cannot queerbait.
Harassing an 18yo kid until you force him to come out is ABHORRENT.

Heartstopper is a cute queer show.
Kit Connor is a PERSON who should NEVER have had to defend himself against queerbaiting accusations in this way.” – FoxxDoesThings

We’re glad that there’s many supporters behind him including the cast as he navigates this new world he was forced to open.

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